Xiaomi is taking a giant step forward in car production



Xiaomi is taking a giant step forward in car production

If you follow us regularly, you might remember that a while ago we talked about Xiaomi’s first electric car expected in 2024. There was news earlier That voice was suspiciousAs we’ve previously seen the Chinese firm pull back from plans for its first EV.

Well, it seems that the information that gave 2024 as the launch year of this car was not misleading at all. Collected on Xiaomiuichinese giant It will start producing its first electric cars in the first half of 2024. It seems that this time is final, and this vehicle is closer than we initially imagined.

Xiaomi Electric Car

Xiaomi autonomous car

One of the test cars Xiaomi is using to develop its autonomous driving system

This information comes directly from Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. The manager is closely monitoring the manufacturer’s automotive division and its progress, and although a more extensive test of autonomous driving systems with 140 cars will be announced in 2024, In the same year we will see mass production of the car.

June also believes that from an electric vehicle perspective, The market will eventually turn into an oligopoly Where few manufacturers will share it. Clearly, Xiaomi wants to be one of those few.

For the past few months, the Chinese manufacturer Dr Registering numerous patents And this is the first electric car to receive some subsidies before its launch. According to sources they are still at the beginning of the road, but it is also confirmed that the car is much closer to the production line than before.

It is worth remembering that by the end of 2021, Xiaomi and the Beijing Administrative Committee for Economic and Technological Development A cooperation agreement was signed. Agreement whereby the manufacturer can test its vehicles in a “development area” designated by the company There is also an established A company known as Xiaomi Motors and a factory located in the Chinese capital from the same date.

Xiaomi wants to compete directly with TeslaThey don’t hide it. Its autonomous driving technology will be one of its most important assets to make this car a favorite among users.

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