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One year after the release of the Mi Pad 5, Xiaomi has just received certification for the sixth generation in China. And it may have a top notch chip

Very important month for them Shaomi. 2022 has started in the best possible way for the Asian giant, which has already launched several high-end models in the market, including smartphones, tablets and various accessories. This time it seems to be the turn My pad 6One year after the fifth generation.

New information is coming out about what could be the new Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 (screenshot)

According to a report by Chinese blogger Angangar, in fact, the Chinese company has received in the last few hours Certification in China, Including model number 22081281AC. We’re probably still in its infancy and it’s hard to talk about a potential upcoming market launch, but it’s clear that something is going on. And the first rumors about the technical features have already begun to emerge.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 may have Snapdragon 888 chip

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May have Snapdragon 888 chip (Adobe Stock)

One year after launch My pad 5, Users are curious whether the sixth generation of Xiaomi’s device will come. Certification has already been obtained in China, and so the real work of designing and developing the tablet could begin. Consumers expect a major upgrade to the data sheet level. For example with the processor, which was last year Snapdragon 870 Even in the most expensive version of the range.

The new series is expected to last at least, according to a report by blogger Angangah Two models. The Base One will boast a 2K resolution display and a 120 Hz refresh rate. The chip should be like this again Snapdragon 870, At the same time, the price will not increase so much. For the second variant, Xiaomi is considering inserting SoC Snapdragon 888, Much more powerful and able to ensure top level performance. At the moment, however, these are common rumors, and it is not clear whether the launch will emerge from now on.

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