Xiaomi Mijia is a new small tech gadget for the care and cleaning of your car –



This is one of the thousands of aspects of Xiaomi, which is pushing hard in many areas of technology: smartphones, of course, electric cars, of course, but never plans to release new small technologies to make people’s lives easier. And smart.

Xiaomi Mijia -  20220831
Xiaomi Mijia –

Beijing Company, through Mijia, A brand in its ecosystem xiaomi Anyone maliciously labeled as a sub-brand, but not a sub-brand, launches a new smart device that will please motorists.

A gadget for the care and cleaning of your car: Xiaomi Mijia electronic sprayer, available at home at the price of crowdfunding in the brand’s official store 399 yuanAbout 58 euros at the exchange rate.

Xiaomi Mijia, another complete product, is also priced

Xiaomi -  20220831 2
Xiaomi –

This is one of the new products launched together with the Chinese company Mijia sterile air purifierMijia Air Purifier 4 Max, Mijia Smart Curtain 1S, Mijia Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet S1 Series, Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 2, Mijia Click Cool Push Clipper and Mijia Humidifier 2, reflecting Xiaomi’s versatility, are solutions to all problems in daily life.

lo Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Car Wash Machine A new generation sprayer: electric without wires, it is as powerful as it is functional. Model MJXCJ001QW, a type of pressure water gun, ideal for car washing.

Xiaomi’s tech sprayer has a wireless design, free from power constraints and convenient for users to use outdoors. The car wash adopts a self-priming design, in fact it does not need to connect the tap to the sprayer: the user can seamlessly supply water from a bucket. In terms of power, the Mijia cordless car wash has a self-priming water pressure of 2.4 MPa and a water output of up to 180 liters per hour.

The Mijia Wireless Car Wash comes with a removable 2000mAh battery pack, which supports IPX6 level waterproofing and the official claim is “easy to wash the car”. At the same time, Xiaomi’s Smart Sprayer uses USB-C port charging, fully charging the device in about 1.3 hours.

You can change different modes by rotating the nozzle, total 5 kinds of water spray, which is convenient for users to use multiple machines. Finally, the 0 degree mode makes it easier for users to clean gaps and the shower and foam modes can be used to spray foam or water on green plants. A complete product, even at its price.



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