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Xiaomi, a Chinese multinational that needs no introduction, has launched a really interesting new air conditioner in the market In detail, as reported by Gizchina.it, this is the Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner 2 HP, an air conditioner capable of cooling and heating a medium-sized room, both quickly and efficiently.

Xiaomi air conditioner, 11/10/2022 -
Xiaomi air conditioner, 11/10/2022 –

We are talking about the “larger” model than the air conditioner that was launched in the market last August, and which has a truly minimalistic design as per the trademark, complete with Rose Gold Details Which makes the product very elegant and classy. As for its technical features, the Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner 2 HP promises to provide heat with fresh air or perhaps hot air, An area between 20 and 30 square meters, consequently we are talking about a good sized room that can be a living room or a bedroom. Among its specialties are ours loud silence, since the Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner 2 HP is very low noise, it is perfect when you sleep avoiding being disturbed by annoying background hum. It comes with a Self-cleaning system Which destroys the bacteria built up during use. The air conditioner can reach different temperatures for power of 1,850 watts for heating and 1,650 watts for cooling.

Xiaomi air conditioner, 11/10/2022 -
Xiaomi air conditioner, 11/10/2022 –

XIAOMI, MIJIA Air Conditioner 2 HP: Here are its features

Moreover, as Xiaomi has managed to convey, this is a product that is capable of doing that Refresh a room much faster and more efficiently Compared to other competing models, the result is a device that also catches the eye when it comes to saving energy, which is nothing but understatement in terms of price increases over time. Among the current modes we find the “warm floor effect”, the hot air is pushed downwards, or the “surround” one, which pushes the air up and down at the same time. To complete it all, presence Mijia app, is compatible with other smart home products as well as controlling the air conditioner directly from the smartphone. At the moment Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner 2 HP is available almost only in China market 430 euros But it cannot be ruled out that it could be placed in European markets including Italy due to its attractive qualities.

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