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Xiaomi’s first electric car prototype could take shape within weeks, confirming the Chinese company’s willingness to get serious in the lucrative sector

apple car It may soon be a first contender. Despite persistent rumors on the web, the American company’s project is still far from complete, but the Cupertino giant’s interest in the electric car sector seems to have convinced some of the main rivals of “Apple” engaged in mobile.

New Rumors About Xiaomi Car (AdobeStock)

it is xiaomi, which announced its decision to enter certain markets only a year and a half ago, putting on the plate for huge investments for the next decade thanks to the active contribution of the founder of the Chinese company Lei Jun. It was the latter who last March guaranteed the monstrous figures to fertilize the project.

Challenges in between apple e xiaomi So it moves to another battlefield, very special for its dynamics but equally profitable if we consider the first opinion of analysts and experts. However, the giant from Shenzhen does not want to act as a playing partner but to overtake the American rival, almost as if it were a car race, both in terms of time and development capacity.

In this context, rumors are inserted according to which Dr prototype First signed electric vehicle xiaomi Alo can already see ads AugustTriggering from that moment on a project work to be able to reach the goals already set by Lei Jun and colleagues: The car is slated to hit the market in 2024Thus the apple itself is expected.

Xiaomi Cars: What We Know So Far

Automobile Xiaomi
First prototype of Xiaomi car could arrive in August (AdobeStock)

What will be the distinguishing feature of the first electric car obviously remains to be understood xiaomi, because we encounter a still embryonic discourse. Waiting to know the specifications of the prototypes, which will certainly give a first draft of the intentions of the Chinese company, we know that the car will be designed Shanghai HVST Automobile Design And the Chinese company signed an agreement with the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area Management Committee to build its automotive business headquarters.

A preparatory step, next, is to complete the car plant that will feed the ambitious project xiaomi. The road is still long, but Shenzhen in August could be the first (important) step to give a new twist to the giant’s strategies.

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