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Xiaomi 13 release first leaked, Chinese maker wants to replicate Mi 11 record

Let’s run up Shaomi The first in the top-of-the-range smartphone sector could be completed between July and November. Two months in antipodes for seasonal thermometers, yet both are very hot for Chinese manufacturer’s techniques.

New rumors about Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 12 Ultra (AdobeStock)

Reported by a reliable digital chat station on Weibo (social network is very popular in China, ndr), The conversion of its flagship range Shaomi From the general mechanics of 2022 that will probably mark 2023.

The new one is expected in July Xiaomi 12 UltraIt’s not just the processor that the smartphone will show Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Qualcomm’s signature, but above all Leica In the photographic sector. Precisely this is the main component of the current Mi 11 Ultra and the Shenzhen company will certainly want to improve a project that is still highly valid despite years on its shoulders.

On the other hand, rumors about this Xiaomi 12 Ultra Camera They’ve been chasing each other at fairly reasonable speeds, and now there’s nothing surprising about the presence of the main 50-megapixel photographic sensor, with a 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a similar resolution camera for the occasion. With 5X telephoto lens.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra So it will be the Chinese manufacturer’s top-of-the-range 2022 most iconic Android smartphone, as the new series is expected in November. Xiaomi 13 Which, according to what has been collected in the same formula, the platform should be divided accordingly Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 As reference SoC and operating system Android 13 On board.

Xiaomi 12S is also coming

Xiaomi Output 13 Xiaomi 12 Ultra
Xiaomi coming to China on November 13? (AdobeStock)

Its new line Xiaomi smartphone Will be able to rely on the presence of a Pro version and the inclusion of the third model – along its line Xiaomi 12X – Based on quality-price ratio. The new range will initially debut in China and will be a candidate, as was the Xiaomi Mi 11 at the time, for the role of the first series of Android smartphones to provide consumers with the latest benefits, albeit only partially. Qualcomm processor.

The arrival of the unpublished is also expected for the summer Xiaomi 12S, Recently certified by the government agency TENAA What will be the marketing field and the fate – which may merge with each other at the moment – Xiaomi has yet to understand with the other “T” range proposed for several years now.

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