You are completely wrong! GTA 6 will not have the first female protagonist of the franchise


earlier this weekWe got a first insight into its development GTA6. The game, thanks to developer Rockstar’s can-do culture in a few years, will clearly set a Bonnie and Clyde-esque story in modern-day Miami and mark the franchise’s “first heroine.” But it’s not – as some frustrated know-it-alls indicate Twitter.

We don’t talk about it GTA Online Customizable silent heroes are here! Actually, all the way back to 1997 GT it was four Heroines – However, they were missing from the PS1 version of the game, which most of you probably played. The characters – Devine, Katie, Mickey and Ulrika – all appeared in the PC version as well as the Game Boy Color port. Two other playable characters, Gretchen and Candy, would later star in the GBC adaptation GTA2.

Of course, the original GTA games differed significantly from the more modern versions, and the character you chose did not affect the plot and gameplay. While it’s technically true that the series has had heroines before, we’d expect more depth from the latest game.

However, this story will help to dispel those absurd hints that Rockstar suddenly “woke up” – it turns out that it was all!

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