You can now listen to the theme song of Super Mario Bros. The Movie




There are currently two trailers available for the official movie Super mario Bros And there is something that the two have in common, their musical backgrounds that take an epic turn. However, as always there are characters’ voices and sound effects that don’t sound very good, but luckily this issue has been resolved.

As you have heard, composition is a kind of system for the first level of the game NES, only more orchestral touches give us an adventurous entry pattern of great proportions. And this can already be heard through Youtubecomes from the channel the black HydraAnd obviously that’s part of all its splendor.

Listen here:

black hydra, a composition team specializing in film commercial music, film and television music. He composes music for trailers, as well as custom pieces for TV commercials, commercials, and video game commercials. Worked on projects like this Black Adam, Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Batman and more

Remember that OST The film is being produced under the supervision of lighting itself Koji Kondo.

The film starts March 30, 2023.

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Editor’s note: Hopefully other parts of the tape have subtle touches from the franchise’s games. Well, at the end of the day, words are something that completely resonates with Mario.


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