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The concept of a digital wallet is now increasingly becoming a part of our lives, with the prospect of an even clearer future. Here’s what you need to know about it

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The future will be increasingly digitized. Already today it is possible to use your smartphone to replace it Credit card, prepaidBut also plane ticket And so without forgetting green passFor which iOS has even released an update to be able to add it to your personal wallet

And it is precisely on this last idea that we are working, with a future that can be increasingly identified Digital wallet. From what has emerged in recent days, it seems so Google Working on an innovative project that may soon become a part of our lives.

Google Wallet comes to life, product manager Dong Min Kim talks about it

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The possibility of storing personal documents is mentioned, but also travel tickets and house keys (Unflash).

Even after Apple Google He has his own ready Wallet Private to offer users. According to what Big G’s product manager announced Dong Min Kim, soon more than 40 countries will be able to use them For accessibility Android E Wear OS, will lead to a number of useful benefits for consumers. You no longer need physical copies of your documents in the first place for a level of security never before reached. “In this case your financial institution will verify who you are before adding a card to your phone, and you can set up a screen lock to prevent a stranger from accessing what’s on your device.” explained Company.

Furthermore, if the device is lost, it will be possible to immediately proceed with blocking, cancellation and even localization through “Find My Device”. Like Apple, Big Jio will allow you to add its digital version Cards and tickets Useful for taking planes, buses, trains and so on. And it even works for adding Digital ID or office or hotel key.

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