Young people prefer to use TikTok before Google


Something that is not in doubt tick tock It has become one of the largest social networks in the world, due to the ease with which it entertains people. And now, it is noted that it may even beat internet search engines, since young people prefer to access applications first on cell phones than anything else.

Recent events are called Brainstorm Tech in your version 2022, Prabhakar RaghavanVice President GoogleAcknowledging young people’s first access tick tock Or Instagram before your search engine. Yellow is a kind of indirect threat to the company, although the approaches are not as similar as they seem.


Here is what he commented:

Young people do not come with preconceived expectations. In our workplace research, nearly 40% of people looking for places to eat don’t use Google Maps, Chrome, or a search engine. They turn to TikTok or Instagram. So imagine, the journey begins in a different way than before, in a visually appealing way.

Note that there is no guarantee that this application is going to replace it Google, after all functions are usually different between users. In addition, it is still a percentage that can be considered to improve some ideas, but it does not reach the alarming level of the company to implement a sudden change.

Through: Brainstorm Tech

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