YouPin ionizer – Thanks to Xiaomi now saves you from bad smell


When Xiaomi is involved, in most cases, rest assured that the quality will remain, inversely proportional to the higher price. On the other hand, with this strategy, the Pekingz Company has become a giant. And along this line he wants to continue.

YouPin ionizer –

Its invention YouPin Another properly chosen idea from the Pekingz Company. It takes care of a platform, some e-commerce some crowdfunding and hosting products considered attractive by the company. Of these, the new ozone disinfectant deodorant stands out.

In practice, a deodorant that can also be used to remove bad odors in the refrigerator is an ad hoc solution for shoe cabinets or why not in a car: basically any other, relatively small, space, since it is able to neutralize. The smell comes from three meters away. Convenient, compact, easy to use.

Offer ozone deodorant on AliExpress

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Lo YouPin ionizer It comes with a 2,000mAh battery, but can certainly work securely via USB-C, as only Apple hasn’t adapted to the universal port (not for long now).

Outside of quality, there are advantages. Xiaomi YouPin Multipurpose Nitrogen Deodorant, in fact, is also offered through coupons, AliExpress, a store affiliated with small Chinese companies that offer products to international online shoppers owned by Alibaba.

YouPin, however, has plenty of opportunities for any type of device made in Xiaomi. It not only serves as a store on Amazon or Alibaba, but also as a crowdfunding for new products that, if they get the green light from Beijing, become part of the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Crowdfunding is one of the latest forms of online shopping that is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its power: co-financing. In short, any company can launch a device aimed at raising money from attractive users, so that it can be created. What are the benefits to “investors”?

Obviously the possibility of buying future devices at a very strong discount. And in general, crowdfunding at Youpin is synonymous with successful fundraising: they usually exceed a few thousand percent of the minimum amount required for the implementation of many large projects of Beijing-based companies.

Over the years, in fact, the brands associated with the Xiaomi brand have multiplied: from Mi (the parent company’s original brand) to Mijia (which embraces all devices made by startups that Xiaomi has invested in), going through Huami, Roborock. And YouPin, of course.

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