Your dream iPhone exists, and you can build it on this dedicated website


Have you thought about designing your dream iPhone directly online? Starting today you can, thanks to this handy site dedicated to one user and which allows you to indulge yourself with dozens of different ingredients.

New launches are rare these days iPhone 14, Melafonini series on which Apple focuses a lot. The news is already different, at least according to what has emerged. All we know for sure are the two Pro versions They will no longer have grooves And there will be important hardware news.

A developer has started a site to create a fully customized iPhone (screenshot Twitter).

On the other hand there are no significant changes in the exterior design, which will remind you of the wider perspective iPhone 13 and 12. Not satisfied? Do you want to change or even revolutionize the iPhone’s visual rendering? From today you can indulge yourself in a dedicated site created by the developer Neil Agarwal And it will allow you to use your creativity as you see fit.

Here is the site to build your own custom iPhone

If you want you can try the new portal created by the developer right now Neil Agarwal and give a life All new and customized iPhone Directly from you, you just have to access Dedicated page and click New. A Render 3D of an iPhone 13, as a kind of blank canvas on which to apply your changes Below you will find many elements to add, both recent generation and ‘vintage’.

Just think that the first phone had antennas, a single giant camera, audio jack and even wheels. Obviously that’s about it A nice gimmick, so much so that – in addition to the more serious features – there are also some strange ones, to say the least. The final effect, however, is very pleasing to the eye. Think eyes, a joystick, iPad-like dials, buttons, logos, colors and more.

Click the button on the top right when done current. You will see it there Tim will cook With a musical background that will literally represent your iPhone, with the canonical statement gleaned from past keynotes “It’s the best iPhone ever made” If you want to take a look at it and give life to a completely new phone, we recommend you to click on the link indicated above and try all the tools designed by the developer.

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