Your last chance to take advantage of NordVPN’s amazing sale


(Pocket-lint) – Seeing a discount on any quality product is exciting, but it’s pretty rare to come across one that breaks through the 50% off barrier. Well, NordVPN’s absolutely shredding that with its brilliant sale right now – you can get access to one of the world’s leading VPN providers for 68% off.

That means that you can get NordVPN’s superb suite of tools for just $3.71 a month on a two-year deal, which means that the price of a nice morning coffee could guarantee you privacy and security online on all of your devices. We’ve gathered some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss this chance. 

Privacy as standard

Arguably the real central reason to get a VPN comes down to privacy. If you’re tired of clicking “accept” on cookie agreements with every website you visit and have no idea just what you might actually be handing over, in terms of data, a VPN could be a silver bullet. 

It’ll mask your identity completely, and let you browse the web without worrying about who’s watching over your shoulder. On top of that, it’ll let you be a digital nomad, changing your location to wherever suits you best to make sure that you’re never locked out of the content you’re looking for. 

It’s a ticket to the worldwide web as it should be – somewhere where you don’t have to be constantly harangued by adverts and tracking. 

Fastest speeds yet

With some other VPN providers, though, you might notice a dip in your surfing speeds when using a VPN. That’s something that Nord has worked incredibly hard to make sure isn’t a problem with NordVPN

In fact, it’s just launched a completely new protocol, NordLynx, which has been receiving rave reviews from both experts and everyday users. It makes NordVPN one of the very fastest VPNs on the market anywhere, for a price that also makes it one of the most affordable. That’s a combination that’s hard to combat. 

Get around the TikTok ban

As we mentioned, having NordVPN means that you can be a virtual tourist, and there are loads of cases where this can come massively in handy. The most common has always been the likes of Netflix and other streaming platforms, where you’ll be able to check out completely different libraries according to the region you’re masked by. 

Now, though, a whole new option is coming to light given the potential ban of TikTok that’s being discussed in the US. If you’re as addicted as us to the app’s short clips, you’ll be pleased to know that NordVPN’s services work perfectly on your smartphone. That means it’ll be a doddle to mask your location and keep using TikTok whether it’s banned or not. 

That’s just a small selection of reasons why this sale represents the best possible time to get onboard with NordVPN – but you’ve got act quick! The sale ends soon, so you’ve only got a short time left to grab a subscription at 68% off. 

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