YouTube Drama: Videos Become Invisible, Desperate Users



A real drama coming to YouTube, with users who are already panicking and looking for alternative solutions. The well-known Google Video Player may soon change forever

Even though the years have passed, YouTube Online entertainment continues to be a reference for world concerns. Millions of users from all over the world open the platform at least once a day, be it to watch videos of their favorite creators or simply to consult tutorials or listen to music.

Youtube ad 20220916
There is a phenomenon that is worrying users a lot and it may become more aggressive (Adobe Stock)

over the years, Both the site and the app They have changed a lot and are updated to keep up with the times. And it will be the same in the future, the work done by the team of developers that aims to continuously and offer A good platform. However, there is only some bad news regarding content reproduction, which is already worrying consumers and may soon become a reality.

YouTube is advertising, what changes for videos

Just this day, let’s go YouTube Many users are complaining about an annoying phenomenon: Excessive growth of advertising. Almost boring, according to reports received.

Youtube ad 20220916
Looks like there are more ads before videos and they can’t be avoided (Adobe Stock)

A very specific choice, which focuses on two fronts. Either earn more from advertising, or push customers to subscribe Premium service. With the latter, in fact, there is no advertising of any kind. Not before, not during and not at the end of a video.

According to recent evidence appearing on the net, in some cases they have been reproduced Even 10 spots in a row Before releasing a video. But not only that, because it seems that longer videos are getting too many, too many ads. On Reddit, several threads have already been born about it, where we talk about what happened and There are even screenshots to prove it. The event in question has the name Bumper Ads, which is a rapid succession of several ads that cannot be skipped. Maximum duration of each ad is 6 seconds. By doing a quick calculation, however, you’ll end up with a one-minute ad that you must watch. We’ll see if it’s the one Temporary or already fixed changes.


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