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A sensational choice to make by YouTube, to say the least Google’s web hosting platform wants to exclusively feature 4K quality content for premium service subscribers

Does YouTube Premium now make 4K exclusive? – 31022

On the one hand, choice Shut down the gaming section of Stadia forever, on the other hand, this new block for non-paying users. Troubled days in this house Google Hey, the news is here Reddit, Mountain View does nothing but throw more meat into the brazier fire. The hero this time is YouTube, a service that Google decided to keep alive and which today takes a shovel to metaphorically dig its own grave.

Well, as derived from Reddit And from many other users who have echoed, YouTube will experiment with the possibility of viewing 4K content exclusively. But for whom? Apparently, according to the platform interface, Only for subscribers of its premium services.

YouTube Premium: Does the paid service introduce the exclusivity of 4K?

Does YouTube Premium now make 4K exclusive?  - 31022
Does YouTube Premium now make 4K exclusive? – 31022

Over the years Big G used to offer prospects under monthly payments to build the platform adv free. In addition to removing ad content, YouTube allows premium users Download videos for offline playbackTake advantage of the service youtube song And, from now on, to see content in its quality 2160p (aka 4K).

Certainly a tough choice to make, and one that casts a new shadow on Google. To confirm what had appeared on the net in the last few hours, he thought about it Nils Ahrensmeyerintervention Twitter For more clarity. As of now it is unclear whether 2K (hence 1440p) might be exclusive to premium users.

To this day it is not entirely clear whether this choice is a daughter or not A transient test Or, somehow, the desire to be a permanent quality of the YouTube Premium version. Of course, the uproar generated is biblical, with hundreds of users voicing their frustrations with Google.

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