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A terrible news for users, which has come from YouTube in the last few hours. It looks like one of the company’s flagship services will be paid soon, here’s what you need to know

Over the past few years, YouTube Always able to renew itself in the best way to stay on top of the wave. A success that seems to last over time, and above all thanks to the work done by the team of developers. The idea is to continue along the same lines as in the past, To satisfy the users in their every need.

Bad News That May Interest YouTube Users Soon (Adobe Stock)

But all that glitters is not gold, quite the opposite. There is also bad news that could soon affect consumers around the world. One in particular, which concerns One of the company’s flagship services. The latter may be paid sooner, forcing a fee to be paid periodically.

Paid services on YouTube, here’s what should change

The news was previewed by the well-known Nils Ahrensmeyer on Twitter and may be official soon. One of its flagship services YouTube It may soon pay off. We are talking about possibilities Play in 4K video, the highest quality available. It looks like the latter will become its exclusive feature account premium, Already active for some time and requires a monthly fee to activate

YouTube 20221003
According to a rumor that surfaced on Twitter recently, it will soon be possible to watch videos in 4K exclusively with a premium account subscription. (Adobe Stock)

Specifically, a screenshot has been released to support the last-minute theory. When you click the classic gear symbol to set the selected quality just below 2160p The word premium will come out – Tap to upgrade. By clicking on it, it will be possible to activate a quick subscription plan with payment data that may already be entered. The company clearly aims to encourage subscriptions, with more and more tools that can be exclusive to Premium. Among the most appreciated features, it is worth mentioning the ability to play content Without ads.

However, there are those who feel that such a move may go against the trend with what we are experiencing on the web today. Considering the increasing success of various Dr streaming platform, Making YouTube less feature-rich could force more people to switch services rather than sign up for subscriptions.

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