YouTube shorts challenge TikTok, he wants to excel above all: will he succeed? –


Media war between TikTok and YouTube to see it That it is more aggressive than before: Both of them Social networks are trying to outdo each other, but without success. Both of them offer a lot of possibilities that cannot be dismissed by the average user, which is why which We can only wait for a huge success from the developers of Google and TikTok.

We don’t know when this war will end –

YouTube Having long tried to counter its nemesis with shorts, Google has brought home the results of its rewarding public debut on the platform. And TikTok has responded well with the Now feature, which has obviously managed to become a big undisputed success in turn.

But the battle for supremacy in vertical videos is not over yet, it is not for nothing that YouTube is going to play its best card to win. Obviously the goal is to entice creators to invest their time shortsAnd to do so it is preparing to start aggressive monetization

Initiatives taken to counter TikTok

YouTube shorts challenge TikTok, he wants to excel above all: will he succeed?
Interesting new story about TikTok and YouTube –

Starting next year, Shorts will be part of the YouTube Partner Program, meaning content creators can start earning share of money advertisement The resulting goal will be to offer more monetization options that are better than TikTok, so attractive that it will win over all those who admire rival platforms.

The announcement came just two years after the shorts’ launch and a year after YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, ie Neel MohanGuarantee a “Long Term Monetization Project”. The format of short vertical videos seems to be growing very quickly everywhere, which is why Amjad HanifExcluding YouTube’s VP Creator Products, the feature clocks in at 30 billion views per day, which is likely worrying for TikTok.

However, it must be said that the monetization offered in shorts, so far, has been considered inadequate Most creatorsBut now the option of applying the standard YouTube template is becoming more interesting and becoming more likely. Content creators will receive 45% of the revenue, with the remaining 55% going to YouTube itself.

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