YouTuber makes NFT, the most expensive Pokemon card Atomix 2


Some time ago it was revealed that Logan Paul, the famous YouTuber and WWE Fighter, had acquired a credit card. Pikachu 1998 পু 5,275,000 in mint condition. This time it was known recently This collector’s item will become an NFTWith which the public will now have the opportunity to have “a part”.

Unexpectedly, it has been revealed that this extremely rare Pikachu card will be part of the blockchain. Those interested will be able to earn a modest amount of $ 0.10 dollars out of 50 million virtual pieces. Inside Liquid MarketplaceAnd available for sale now.

Paul will claim minority, 49% ownership of the card, Which means it will be stored in a community vault, but you can use it in more WWE events if the majority of cardholders allow it. It is certainly interesting that this type of business is sold, although in recent weeks we have seen more reports about this market going down.

In related matters, Logan Paul is proud of the world’s most expensive Pokemon card Similarly, YouTuber lost $ 3.5 million on Pokemon cards.


Editor’s comment:

More than anything, this is another business for YouTubers. While the idea of ​​having a small piece of the most expensive Pokemon card in the world, you’re really just buying air. It will be interesting to see how the game plays out in the future.

Via: Kotaku

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