YouTuberA4 tops new survey of highest-earning gaming channels – most will not be lucky



A new study Directed by CasinoscoreAnalyzing YouTube and Google search data for the most followed gaming YouTubers and ranking them according to their estimated earnings per video, the Belarusian gaming and lifestyle YouTuber A4 platform has the highest earning gaming channels.

A4 grossed over $ 53,000 per video, and was the third most followed YouTube gaming channel, with 39.8 million subscribers, after PewDiePie (111 million) and Fernanflu (44.9 million).

Latin American YouTuber Fernanflu was also the second highest paid channel, earning an estimated $ 42,000 per video, followed by FGTeeV, which earned an estimated, 27,336 per video.

A recent survey also found that PewDiePie is now ranked sixth, with the most followers on YouTube, earning an average of, 14,177 per video.

“These statistics show that for millions of people, watching video games on YouTube is as normal as watching Netflix or Disney +,” a Casinoscore spokesman explained in an email. “Content creators have built a huge following and are bringing together a huge community from around the world, and as gaming popularity grows, these YouTubers are likely to gain more followers.”

Anyone can do it.

Being a gaming YouTuber may seem like a dream come true – it involves playing and watching video games – but very few people will succeed like A4, PewDiePie or Feranfloo.

“It’s about luck, choosing the right game, having the right personality and a lot of hard work,” warned Roger Antner, a technology analyst at Ricon Analytics.

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. The best YouTubers have proven that a professional presentation is very necessary to differentiate.

“It’s a combination of the above. I can’t stress the role that talent, ruthlessness and time play,” said Scott Steinberg, a brand marketing expert who regularly follows trends on social media.

“There are countless people who have been in a hurry for a few years and probably left too early, when it is equally difficult for newcomers to enter,” Steinberg explained. “For every successful streamer, thousands of people are working in obscurity.”

Moreover, with the proliferation of gaming-related news and review websites, the market is full of many streaming video platforms. That makes it increasingly difficult for anyone new to stand out.

“It’s really about emotion and personality,” Steinberg added. “It’s become a culture of personality like everything else, and there’s plenty of all sorts of great stuff that’s lost in the sea of ​​white noise. You have to be able to separate and separate and it’s not that easy it sounds like. I can’t. “

Why is gaming so big?

Notable from recent searches is that gaming YouTubers are able to cash in – and the revenue per video is significantly higher than other channels.

“Video games are now bigger than movies and other mainstream entertainment,” Steinberg said. “The eyeballs that these videos get are too much.”

This is why music directions, woodwork and even history YouTube channels do not make almost the same amount of money.

“We need to keep in mind that a large segment of gaming audiences are constantly online and they use more and more videos. That’s why streamers are making more money than indie musicians and stamp collectors,” Steinberg continued. “And unlike those hobbies, gaming benefits from the fact that many consoles allow you to stream from the unit. It’s less friction.”

And a day of high pay for gaming YouTubers If we could all do it.


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