Zack Snyder cheated on the Snyder Cut Atomics


Snyder cut off at that time though Justice League As a pivotal moment in DC fan history, A new report indicates that Jank Snyder used botsOr accounts, lies, not only to make this company real, but to attack various executives at Warner Bros.

According to a report by Rolling Stones, this began in 2020, when Snyder said that Geoff Johns and Jon Berg’s names would be removed from the credits. Justice League. When Warner Bros. failed to meet these demands, The director threatened to “destroy” the company with the power of social media.


Let’s remember this Justice League Directed by Joss Whedon, hit theaters in 2017, and reception was negative. Mainly, the public complained about the poor job of combining Snyder’s vision with Whedon’s direction. A year later, in 2018, fans began campaigning to #RealeseTheSnyderCut.

While positive attention was focused on Snyder, with thousands demanding the release of his version of Justice League, top executives at Warner Bros., as well as some directors working with the company, were attacked on social media. At the end of the day, however, the Snyder Cut became a reality. Warner Bros. didn’t sit idly by and started investigating this.


As the report notes, Warner Bros. produced two separate reports to study what happened. The result verified that at least 13% of accounts participating in media harassment were falseIn this collaboration Q5id y graphica. He also signed with it Alethea Group Some irregular points in the domain are examined Similarly, Rolling Stone discovered that the site was owned by a defunct ad agency, which emphasized its potential to sell traffic “cheaply and easily.”

For its part, the Rolling Stones ran a similar process with Q5id, where it was discovered that “No doubt” they used bots to promote the Schneider Cut and attack Warner Bros. execs. As if that wasn’t enough, the possibility cannot be ruled out that this same technique was used to generate audience votes in the Best Picture category at this year’s Oscars.

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Editor’s note:

There is no doubt that the success of the Snyder Cut, at least compared to similar moves, was an anomaly. Thus, the use of bots to make this a reality is not ruled out. However, the biggest problem was its use to attack soldiers, something that could lead to legal repercussions.

Through: The Rolling Stones

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