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Zhiyun has just unveiled its newest gimbal, the CRANE 2S. The CRANE 2S is the follow up to the CRANE 2, which was arguably one of the company’s most successful products.

I got a chance to have a look at a pre-production version before it was announced.

DSC 8674 01

The CRANE 2S isn’t what I would call a bells and whistles gimbals, it is more of an ode to the more traditional one-handed gimbals of the past.

DSC 8690

Earlier this year Zhiyun released the Crane 3S which was designed to fill a gap in the market between one-handed gimbals and larger gimbals such as a Ronin 2 or Movi Pro. The Crane 2S is designed to accommodate cameras such as the BMPCC 6K, Panasonic S1H, and EOS 1DX Mark II. It would also be suitable for cameras such as the new Canon EOS R5 & R6, as well as the Sony a7S III.

What do you get?

This was an early production version I was testing so it didn’t come on a case, but you will get a case once it starts shipping.

Along with the CRANE 2S, you get the usual accessory cables, 3 batteries and a charger, lens support, a riser, a Manfrotto compatible plate, and a mini tripod stand.



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