ZTE released “AIVO Digital Operation Solution White Paper”



Recently, ZTE released “AIVO Digital Operation Solution White Paper”. As one of the ten scenarios of autonomous evolving network, AIVO digital operation solution deeply practices the evolution of autonomous evolving network, systematically elaborates how to meet the customer’s growing operation requirements, maximize the operation value and support the continuous evolution of intelligent operation.

The Core of AIVO Digital Operation is Intelligent Insight and Value Operation

“The AIVO Digital Operation Solution White Paper” points out that, in the face of the challenges brought by accelerated 5G network deployment and rapid traffic growth, digital operation should be implemented stage by stage focusing on building a value operation system, implementing an efficient 5G network construction, building an intelligent O&M system and achieving the transformation of the business model.

Therefore, in “The AIVO Digital Operation Solution White Paper”, ZTE proposes to implement intelligent insight and valuable operation based on the integration of big data with AI, NOC with SOC, and network with service. Intelligent insight is a three-dimensional insight into the quality, value, and development of the network, users, and services. Value operation provides full service support and integrated management of network planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, and operation. We will achieve on-demand investment through one-scenario-one-standard, achieve intelligent O&M through AI decision-making and automatic closed-loop, and integrate into various industries through openness and sharing, thereby continuously promoting digital operations towards integration, opening, intelligent and autonomy.

Key Integrations to Achieve End-to-End Intelligent Closed-Loop Services

1) Big data and AI integration, providing intelligent big data opening capability

According to “The AIVO Digital Operation Solution White Paper”, the integration of big data and AI has four major features: Automatic data collection and unified entry into the data lake; on-demand modeling and unified task scheduling; automatic data annotation and unified data governance; one-stop development and unified data service. Based on these features, AIVO builds VMAX intelligent platform with capabilities of data lake and AI, and opens data based on OpenAPI, and shares AI achievements in the model market to support end-to-end intelligent data services.

  • The integration of SOC and NOC to provide the whole service process

The AIVO solution can help the operator to complete the whole service process, and interconnect SOC with NOC through data sharing and work order and realize the automatic transfer of the whole service, which help the operator move towards higher-order automation level.

On the one hand, the AIVO operation system can be interconnected with the operator’s NM and network optimization system, centralized complaint processing platform and B-domain system. On the other hand, through the quasi-real-time insight into network, user and service based on the system, we actively identify problems and requirements, drive fault recovery and network optimization and construction,

3) In-depth integration of network and service to provide full-process comprehensive O&M capabilities

In order to break cross-department and cross-system flow barriers, AIVO achieves in-depth integration of network O&M and service O&M through data sharing, platform integration and work order interconnection. It has the comprehensive O&M capabilities of “unified view, full domain perception, intelligent closed loop and active O&M.” On the one hand, it provides a real-time and customizable unified operation view to support operation decision making. On the other hand, it precisely predicts and locates faults by associating data in the whole domain, and connects the alarm and work order systems to implement intelligent closed-loop handling of problems, forming the active O&M capability.

Value Application Promotes the Development of Network Planning, Construction, Maintenance, Optimization and Operation

The AIVO solution continues to create value for operators in terms of coordinated 4G/5G planning, intelligent optimization and maintenance, and new 5G operation.

  • Coordinated 4/5G planning

AIVO adopts an accurate 5G planning solution based on the existing 4G network. It makes full use of the existing network and environment information, and promptly outputs the expansion and construction solution through intelligent network prediction, value ordering and accurate adjustment. Meanwhile, it can achieve one standard for one scenario to accurately match the service requirements. In an actual project, 50000 cell planning can be completed in half a day. The planned site is simplified by 28% than the initial solution, and the coverage excellence rate can reach 95%.

  • Efficient and intelligent O&M

Based on the combing mode of Homing (offline) and Hosting (online), AIVO has more efficient and intelligent O&M ability, which can improve the O&M efficiency in complicated situations, such as MM weight parameter optimization, perception optimization and O&M guarantee. In one VoLTE project, the AIVO solution provides O&M support for more than 100 million VoLTE subscribers and promotes the increase of millions of subscribers per month. In one energy-saving project of base stations, the AIVO uses AI technology to intelligently adjust the energy-saving period and parameter thresholds, which increases 80% of the intelligent energy-saving duration of base stations and reduces 10% of the power consumption with the stable network performance. Thus the green operation is realized.

5G service evolution can be divided into three phases:

Early stage of 5G: Focus on popular 4G services and eMBB emerging services.

5G growth stage: The service requirements of uRLLC and mMTC are increasing gradually, and the differentiated experience and SLA in vertical industries need to be guaranteed, such as smart parks, smart ocean and smart IoT, etc.

5G maturity stage: The maturity of uRLLC and mMTC services promotes the development of autonomous driving, smart home, industrial automation and ultra-large-scale IoT services.

Matching the above three phases, AIVO builds professional capabilities in probe collection, data platform and application analysis to implement end-to-end monitoring and intelligent optimization of slices, support the scenario-based solution of MEC ToB and expands industries such as industry, ocean, transportation and so on, and gradually integrate into thousands of industries.

The Intelligent Evolution of AIVO

Following the five-phase division of the ZTE uSmartNet autonomous evolving network, AIVO will gradually evolve from the independent deployment of single-domain and single-service tools of L1 to the whole-domain and intelligent operation system of integrated network planning, construction, optimization, maintenance and operation of L5. It is mainly the manual participation for L1, while on L5 it will drive self-planning, self-optimization, self-healing and the automatic distribution of service to realize intelligent self-government through intention insight and self-decision.

At present, ZTE AIVO digital operation solution has been deployed and applied in over 30 networks at home and abroad. With the release of “The AIVO Digital Operation Solution White Paper”, ZTE will work with operators and partners to continue to explore digital operation practice, and actively promote the global 5G digital industry process towards 5G intelligent operation.

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