Zuckerberg: His company is considered a threat, blacklisted



It was understood that Russia, or rather its ruling class, had so lost its objectivity towards its neighboring countries as to wage a real war against Ukraine and an unarmed attack against almost everything else in the world.

Facebook banned Russian - Cellulari.it 20221014
Facebook Ban Russo – Cellular.it

Social media has also been involved in this psychological and media warfare, with many bans and forced shutdowns Russia As imposed on companies led by giants Google e meta

The latter in particular, especially in the person of its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has been subjected to the most disproportionate accusations and attacks by Russian authorities and media organizations.

Goal: No more financial transactions in Russia

Facebook - Cellulari.it 20221014 2
Facebook – Cellulari.it

Essentially, Russian authorities have recently blacklisted Meta as “terrorist” associations, and because of this its social media (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp above all) will no longer be allowed to operate and conduct financial transactions in the country. .

To be fair, the definition that Meta was referring to was “Terrorists and extremists“: The Russian Federal Service was engaged in financial monitoring activities for this payment to Meta ROSFIN MONITORING. The nickname was already given to Meta as a “terrorist organization” by a Moscow court that defined social media as a “host of confusion”.

And there was more: Last April, Mark Zuckerberg was placed on a list of big tech executives barred from entering Russia, accused of promoting an alleged agenda. “Rassophobic”.

In fact false information and Russophobia Two charges were defined as “mild”, but the classification as “terrorist” followed: it is thought that this new charge could also affect Russian users registered on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

A possibility, however, that is reduced by immediacy Roskomsvoboda, Russian Association for Protection of Internet Rights: Included in the list, according to the association’s lawyer ROSFIN MONITORING However, this should not cause problems for those who want to continue using these applications.

Or at the very least, they will be able to continue using such apps on Russian territory but will not have the ability to legally use monetization options, post ads, or transact with stores operating on the two platforms.

Already since March Facebook Suspended the possibility of advertising campaigns for Russian users, individuals and companies, but gave reasons “operational difficulties


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