10 things you should know before you play Wasteland 3



It’s understandable if you’re in need a Wasteland 3 guide: It’s a more modern-feeling RPG than Wasteland 2, but it’s still the kind of game with so many skills and weapons to choose from you’ll end up flicking between menus trying to decide which of your melee-specialized characters should take the chainsword with the bladed-weapon subtype and who should have the big concrete hammer with the blunt subtype instead. It’s got a lot going on, is what I’m saying.

There’s value in going in blind and figuring things out for yourself across your 50 or 60 hours with Wasteland 3, but if you’d rather have a few Wasteland 3 tips before you set out on on your journey to post-apocalyptic Colorado, here you go.

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You can create your own PCs after the tutorial 


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