Aconetics has announced IAST support for Jetty and Wildfly Java Servers, as well as Servlet 3 and Jersey Java Framework. Acunetics



A new Acunetix premium update for Windows, Linux, and macOS has been released: 14.8.220519149.

This Acunetix release introduces support for Jetty and WildFly, which allows the use of Java IAST sensors (AcuSensor) with these Java servers. In addition, the Java IAST sensor has been fully updated to support Servlet 3 and Jersey, which enhances the coverage of scans performed in web applications that use these Java frameworks. This Acunetix update includes many new vulnerabilities testing, updates, improvements and product corrections.

New features

  • The Java IAST sensor now supports Jetty and WildFly Java Severs
  • Improved support for Servlet3 and Jersey Java Framework

New vulnerability check


  • Various UI improvements
  • Advanced detection of directory traversal vulnerabilities
  • Advanced identification of directory listing vulnerabilities
  • Advanced detection of development files
  • Several improvements to LSR / Dipscan


  • Fixed an issue with AcuSensor not showing up as verified due to some vulnerabilities identified by AcuSensor
  • Fixed an issue with root not being listed by Java IAST sensor
  • Target 2 issues have been solved in CSV import
  • Troubleshooting a non-SCA in Java Spring Boot web applications
  • Fixed an issue with some checks not working on cookies with secure flags

Upgrade to latest build

If you already use Acunetix build 14.x, you can start automatic upgrades from the new build notification in the Acunetix UI> Related Page

If you have used Acunetix Build 13.x or earlier, you need to download Acunetix from here. Use your Acunetix license key to download and activate your product.

Nicholas Cyberus
Principal Program Manager

As Principal Program Manager, Nicholas is passionate about IT security and technology. Prior to joining Acunetics in 2012, Nicholas spent 12 years at GFI Software, where he managed email security and anti-spam product lines, led multiple customer service teams and provided technical training.


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