AEW Fight Forever: Sunset wrestling from Yuke’s wrestling, trailer by Chris Statlander and Nyla Rose



AEW Games has announced that the new giant wrestling in Sviluppo presses Yuke’s and Basato sulla licenses on All Elite Wrestling and Chiamerà AEW Fight Forever. The title è in sviluppo per PC e console, but at the moment è sprovvisto una data usikita ufficial, neppure indicative. L’annuncio è stato accompagnato da due trailerdedicating all lottery players Chris Statlander and Nyla Rose, who were part of the roster of gioco.

Due to the fact that there is an assortment of modeling policies from two wrestlers and even a few brewing sequences in the gameplay. AEW Fight Forever è We will find the pinnacle of the sviluppo, which we present as much as we can because the trailer is not pp representing the full quality of the gioco, which we supplement our long time to colonize the scaffolding of negozi.

Come on in, take a look at AEW Fight Forever è update in Sviluppo press gli studi di Yuke’s, the story studio that from 2000 to 2018 has realized the titles of the series WWE, first for THQ and successfully for 2K. Insomnia, parilamo di veterani del genere, dunque si tratta di un progetto da seguire con interesse.

For the most part, AEW Fight Forever doesn’t have to wait to attend the new AEW Games and Yuke’s new game. Che ne pensate, siete rimasti colpiti dai due primi trailer ufficiali?


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