Airpod of the future, Apple is thinking of a revolutionary technology –


According to a recent patent, Apple is considering using a revolutionary technology for newer models of the AirPod. Here’s what we know

Apple’s ecosystem continues to expand. Waiting for the latter to come out iPhone 14, As expected in the fall of 2022, Cupertino has many more products that are continuing OEM work. Of these, we cannot fail to mention AirpodsIn both Pro variant and max.

As a result of recent patents, Apple is considering launching a new technology for its AirPods (Adobe Stock).

According to a recent patent, it looks like the California company wants to use one Revolutionary technology For future Bluetooth headsets. The idea will be exploited UltrasoundSo it can also work well when wearing gloves or headphones when wet.

AirPods, including ultrasound, will appear in a very interesting Apple patent

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We are talking about ultrasound, with many immediate benefits (Adobe Stock)

To date, the sensors are installed Airpods They cannot guarantee the same functionality when they are in contact with wet skin or wearing gloves to handle the touch function of the user device. And that’s precisely the reason that, the latest Apple patent, we’re talking a tUltrasound technology Which can improve – and not slightly – the situation. It will be a system because it is Ultrasonic sensitive sensation, Cannot withstand changes even when in contact with conductive liquid or insulating material.This step would make sense considering it is used especially for AirPods Sports activities. It will be more effective to manage everything when you are sweating, when it is raining or when you are wearing gloves. However, it should be remembered that we are talking about general patents, And it is not certain that everything will become a reality. It has already been observed several times in the past that large projects remain in the pipeline despite being on large premises. All that is left now is to wait for the next few months and understand how the situation will develop. It will be Apple’s job to clear everything and turn on any clues What will be the earphones of the future.

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