Alexa can you read me a book? Guide to help us even in moments of relaxation, at its best –


From a simple speaker to a 360-degree assistant. We’re obviously talking about Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, who can communicate with us in a thousand ways and manners thanks to the Echo series of smart speakers.

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starting from residence automation, This is the ability to control certain features of the room such as turning lights on and off, appliances, etc. Or requests for a variety of information, including the weather, a kitchen recipe, a traffic forecast.

And now Alexa will be able to read a book on it. Or rather, an audiobook. Ask Alexa to read Audiobook Desired, specify the title, and he will read it for us. Obviously, there are conditions to be met.

Alexa reads Audible or Kindle books

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If we want Alexa to read us an audiobook, as mentioned, all we have to do is ask. We issue the command, specify the title, and Alexa reads it. But (because there’s always a “but”) the app requires an active subscription audible, Or have our titles saved in a library Kindle.

The Audible subscription, if you have an Echo device, can be activated for free for the first month and then costs 9.99 euros per month. To enable Alexa to read a book aloud just say “Alexa, read me the book [titolo] From Audible”, but not before setting the device to automatically connect to this application.

Otherwise, with the Kindle, even though the two devices have the same installation and connection method, just say “Alexa, read me the book [titolo] From Kindle”. It is certain that no one will ever be able to replace the beauty and elegance of a book made of paper and ink, but it is also true that if you ever want to listen to a book, perhaps read with a voice and ad hoc inflection. , you can stay.

Alexa’s evolution is truly impressive, given the inner workings of the voice assistant and the devices connected to it, and the way it manages to make users’ lives easier is nothing short of amazing.

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