Amazon Fire TV completely changes the interface and navigation with new updates –


In recent days, the Amazon Fire TV app has been extensively updated. An entirely new interface and navigation has been released

For those who do not have a smart TV, an effective solution can be presented Amazon’s Fire TV. It is a convenient accessory that can be connected to your TV and allows you to connect to the Internet and access all major streaming services.

New big updates for Amazon Fire TV are coming soon. Change the interface and browsing experience in general (screenshot)

The e-commerce giant has been focusing on this for many, many years, so much so that a team of developers is always working to present useful and interesting news. In this regard, an important update with news has been published in recent days In both interface and navigation In the app.

Amazon Fire TV, here’s all the latest updates

Amazon Fire TV 20220620
Here’s what you need to know about it (screenshot)

Thanks for the latest updated version Amazon Fire TV, The system on the whole will be more simple and intuitive. The text menu bar has been removed, which now contains icons that act as shortcuts for sections. Home, Find, Live and My Staff. A house is represented by a style drawing, a magnifying glass, a TV with antenna and a bookmark. A choice was also made, and above all due to the negative feedback received from users last year, when other strategies were added to the interface.

Among other changes, the name of the library has been changed My employee. A section containing everything you need, including a video library or recently launched apps, rental content, and more. Section Search Instead, it welcomes a two-line search list without a list of categories. At the end Home and live, Where the already defined icon was created. “We’ve made a big change to the Fire TV user experience over the last year, and we’ve been refining it ever since. With the latest update, we’ve brought Search and My Staff panel to the top of the homepage, allowing customers to quickly find content and access their favorite lists.Explained the director of the Fire TV Experience Department Joshua Danovitz.

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