Amazon will have a new sale in the style of Prime Day


The holiday season is fast approaching, so many stores are already thinking about what kind of offers they are going to launch to attract as many customers as possible. And it seems the amazon Not enough with him Prime Day A couple of months ago, since they already have a new event in mind for the month of October.

This is being said Amazon Prime Early Access Saleand will take place in countries where a sale is conducted in its style Black FridayWhich is a well-known shopping routine America. So it is not yet certain whether it will be placed in the Latin American part, so the countries choose Mexico can be cancelled.

This event will be held later 11 and 12 OctoberAnd apparently won’t support shopping for people who want to get stuff from America to take to another country. That means, that only citizens of that part of the continent, incl CanadaThey will be able to get hold of various products that are assumed to have great discounts.

The best thing is that users create their wish list, they can be notified of any offer they are interested in, all within a few seconds of clicking and the product comes out as quickly as possible. In fact, the portfolios will be notified a day in advance to keep them ready and avoid the problem of entering the page when there is no more inventory.

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