An ancient pharaoh asks for your help in Ra – Pixel’s new puzzle platformer Path.



Developer Oneiric Tales is pleased to announce that its clever puzzle-platformer Path of Ra has just been released in Europe for PC, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch (available in the US on December 29th). In Path of Ra, players are tasked with helping a powerful pharaoh who wakes up after his death to find that he has become a hieroglyph on the wall of his own tomb. With over 60 unique puzzles inspired by the pyramid’s magnificent hieroglyphic frescoes, do you have what it takes to solve them and uncover the circumstances of his death?

Take a trip to ancient Egypt like you’ve never seen before. In each path of the Ra puzzle, players rotate tiles to create a path. These paths allow the pharaoh to collect pieces of his heart. The more pieces you collect, the more the pharaoh’s story comes together and players get a deeper insight into his life story. Path of Ra is easy to play and invites players of all ages to test their wits on ancient pyramid puzzles.

As players explore the final resting place of the king of Egypt, they unlock stunning cutscenes that gradually reveal more about the pharaoh’s life. What were the circumstances of his death? Who was he before he became a part of the pyramid artwork? All of this is revealed as players solve the game’s many tile puzzles.

Path of Ra is available now for PC, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch in Europe, with a US release on December 29th. Follow Path of Ra on Twitter for the latest details, or join other puzzlers on the official Discord channel.

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