Apple and Samsung: Are these two older models still at the top of the range? The answer will surprise you



Not everyone is of the opinion that devices can work once they are old: many are of the opinion that they cannot last long. In a sense this is not wrong, but it is not always the case.

In this case you should evaluate the current performance, technical characteristics, operating system and so on. In short, do a proper analysis of the product, just like a pair of smartphones that we all know.

iPhone and Samsung
iPhone and Samsung

Year after year we see the launch Crazy cell phone And more and more interesting. Last year we saw how foldable phones revolutionized the technology market, making Samsung one of the best technology companies of all time.

But Apple is no less, which last year designed a new operating system entirely dedicated to it VR visor, allowing you to easily enter and interact with the metaverse. Every company, we realized, was really busy.

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And the same applies to cell phones, even if some of us forget Smartphone more the old But always kept special. Just because they’re dated doesn’t mean they can’t be as effective as they are today, so it’s wrong to think that way.

He was of the same opinion Andrea Galezzi, a telephony expert who wanted to compare two different models. Despite their age, can they meet the needs of many of us? Let’s see what it tells us.

iPhone and Samsung: Are these two older models still at the top of the range?  The answer will surprise you
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The heroes are Galaxy S8 AndiPhone 8, and neither should be underestimated. Despite the fact that they were well designed five years ago, the single-handed usability seems extraordinary in any case: many products would envy them just for such a trivial reason.

The screen The 6.2″ Super AMOLED of the Galaxy S8 and the 4.7″ IPS LCD of the iPhone 8 – both at 60Hz with 326 PPI for the iPhone and 529 PPI for the Samsung – currently make their excellent resolutions. Another point for the Korean house, however, which has always stood out for its well-made displays.

at its level Soft supportwis, however, the iPhone 8 wins without a shadow of a doubt, whose operating system even reaches iOS 16.1.1. We close with the photographic sector, where each of the two cell phones has only one camera, excluding the front one which, in this case, would bring the number to two.

In conclusion: They’re certainly not top of the range, but they’re still something Entry-level solution Exclusion is very attractive, especially if we don’t claim it. The cost is moderate and reflects the quality of the product, so let’s not forget about some smartphones like them.


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