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If you’re looking for a new iPhone to take home on Amazon, it’s best to hurry. The pieces are already almost gone, with a real risk of missing out on the iPhone you’ve been waiting for

A few days ago the most anticipated event of the year. The Apple’s keynote All the innovations designed for its new series gave millions of people a chance to see what it was all about iPhone 14. Consider ditching the notch on the two Pro variants, replaced by dynamic islands that adapt to open apps and requested services.

If you’re looking for the new iPhone 14, we recommend you hurry to avoid unpleasant surprises (Adobe Stock)

Apparently, the pre-orders have already started and are selling like hot cakes. to be Apple Store than the amazon, which appeared on Friday. And the numbers are insane, especially for the Pro variant If you want one, the advice is to hurry Because there is a danger of being very disappointed.

iPhone 14 already sold out? The advice is to move with the purchase

by accessing Apple official website, You will immediately notice an unpleasant surprise. Certain new configurations iPhone 14 They are no longer available, and indeed it will have to wait In four to five weeks.

iPhone 14 20220914
Risk waiting several weeks for it to be delivered to you at the indicated address (Adobe Stock).

A success that was highly expected and quite obvious, considering that from the first hour after the launch, millions of users were on the waiting list of the online store. Trying now, waiting time They can be quite prolonged.

And there’s an hour spent in front of a computer screen before being able to make a choice iPhone Go ahead with your dreams and pre-orders. Virtually identical speech is also in use the amazon. Some models and versions are already no longer available, considering the strong demand reaching every corner of the world. But there are some memory cuts and colors that will ship immediately, With delivery scheduled for the weekend. We’re talking specifically about the 512 GB iPhone 14 Pro and the 1 TB One, in space black and purple. We recommend that you speed up with time, especially if you already have a clear idea and are looking forward to nothing more than being able to buy a new iPhone. All his possibilities are presented. And just one day can make you wait weeks for home delivery.

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