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Apple recently released a video on its social channels that could prove very useful for millions of users especially in a given case. Here’s what you need to know about it

Over the past few years, apple It has started to focus more on flash content published on its social channels. A marketing strategy that is paying off, and it couldn’t be otherwise. always Cupertino OEM It is recognized as the leading company in the sector.

Video Apple (Screenshot YouTube)

In this context, New video on YouTube Which is attracting the interest of millions of users. The content inside is actually very simple and intuitive, but it answers a question that consumers have been asking for years. Especially those who decide to pass An iPhone from an Android smartphone.

Apple explains how to switch from Android to iOS with a dedicated video

The video in question is titled “Switch to iPhone. All your questions answered“And, as can be easily guessed, it aims to explain in detail how to transfer all your data A smartphone Android ad iOS. One of the most popular questions is: “If I switch to iPhone, will it be easier to transfer contacts, photos and messages?”. The answer is yes, you just need to download it Switch to app iOS On Android smartphones. At this point, there will be a wizard to determine what data to transfer. And there is WhatsApp chat! Once done, you need to switch to iPhone and log in with Apple ID.

Another question concerns potential Trade in old Android devices. This can be done by delivering it to Apple and getting a credit deducted for the purchase of the iPhone. And if it doesn’t fit, the California company will still take care of recycling properly.

Finally about the question Security, reliability and various updates.Privacy is an inalienable human right. And that’s one of Apple’s founding values: Your devices are with you in many moments of your life, but it’s up to you to decide which experiences to share and with whom. We design Apple products to protect your privacy and give you full control over your personal data. It’s not always easy. But it’s the innovation we believe in.” Explained in the video.

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