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The countless benefits and future prospects of the Apple Watch are listed by Cupertino OEM Health Manager

When it comes to wearables, there are direct links Apple Watch. Over the years, Cupertino OEM has been able to build a real empire in this sense, becoming a reference brand in a sector that continues to grow. And we’re only at the beginning, at least as promised by the California company.

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Apple Watch’s potential for health monitoring is limitless, explained by some experts (Adobe stock)

Apple’s vice president in charge of the health department was the first to list the many benefits of the product Sumbul design, During a service dedicated to health trackers broadcast by CBS Sunday Morning. There are many possibilities that have not yet been fully exploited and may gain more relevance in the years to come.

Here are all the major health-related benefits of the Apple Watch

Apple Watch 20220523
Dr. Desai lists some of Apple’s wearable (screenshot benefits

Doctor Sumbul design He opened the talk by highlighting the features of the Apple Watch, especially those related to fitness tracking and health monitoring. Apparently with practical demonstrations, both in heart rate measurements and in notifications related to blood oxygen monitoring and walking stability. “Sleeping more or less than before, or your heart rate beating differently than usual, may be the first sign of things happening. If we notice a change in speed, we can activate a notification so that we can do something about itExplained.

The expert then wanted to emphasize The importance of notification To save lives. In response to a question about it, said. Desai explained that almost every day there are cases of users who have been able to go to their doctor Apple Watch. And there are many possibilities that have not yet been fully exploited, such as the possibility of diagnosing infectious diseases, anemia and type 2 diabetes. We’ll see in the future what other key precautions Apple will apply to wearables


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