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The ARRI Orbiter really caught my eye when I first saw it at IBC 2019. It was one of the lights I was really hoping to get hold of in 2020 to review.

The Orbiter doesn’t look like any lighting fixture we have seen before. Not only does it have a very unique design, but it’s also a bright, tunable, and directional LED fixture. In a lot of ways, the Orbiter could be considered as the Swiss (German) Army Knife of lighting.

At the heart of the Obiter is ARRI’s Spectra six-color wide gamut light engine, as well as the Lighting Operating System (LiOS) with employs powerful software features. There is an integrated color sensor for matching ambient light, a weatherproof housing, and a removable, intuitive control panel. There is also a full suite of connectors and sensors, an internal power supply, wireless DMX, and battery input. The Orbiter is a marriage of both software and hardware.

The Orbiter produces white or colored light with adjustable color temperature and adjustable green-magenta point. According to ARRI, the light spectrum has been optimized for excellent color reproduction and perfect interaction with digital cameras.


According to ARRI, the concept behind the Orbiter was to utilize state-of-the-art technology and combine it with a versatile design to make it an optimal lamp head that will not only work well today but also well into the future.

The way ARRI has designed the Orbiter is quite smart. As it relies so much on software, the fixture can be continually enhanced and improved through software updates. The multi-versatile nature of the Orbiter also allows you to attach a variety of optics including open face projection, dome, and light banks. ARRI is well aware that people tend to use its products for many, many years, and the key to market adoption is to make something that not only works today but also well into the future.

If you are going to make a big investment in a lighting fixture, you want that lighting fixture to have a long shelf life. This is especially true for rental houses.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Orbiter is very ARRI. In other words, it is very good. ARRI fixtures are extremely popular in rental houses across the globe, and some of the primary reasons for that are long term reliability and durability.

DSC 2608

The nice aspect of the Orbiter is that it is a self-contained unit. There is no separate controller or power supply that you have to tangle with. This has its pros and its cons. Having a self-contained unit makes it quicker to set up, but on the flip side, you do need to use larger lighting stands that can correctly support its weight.

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