Avenging Guardians: Moonrider reveals itself via trailer


Independent games showed some developers’ love for their childhood titles, which was reflected in the release Shovel Knight, Undertale, messenger, among others. And this time it was revealed through a very colorful trailer Vengeful Guardian: MoonriderA video game that can remind us a lot of legends A video game series.

This is developed by Jaimashar and distributed by Arcade Crew, a mix of classic games that will be loved by most fans of the golden years of gaming. Here, we take on the role of an android traversing a side-scrolling platformer aiming to defeat numerous enemies using ninja moves.

Here is its reveal trailer:

Here is its description Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider:

The terrifying and sublime world of Vengeful Guardians: Moonrider seamlessly channels the halcyon days of the 16-bit era through intricate pixel art, inspiring an astonishing challenge across eight deadly stages. From start to finish, you’ll enjoy seamless platforming action for a precise, focused experience that never lets its blade dull.

Complementing these beautiful pixel graphics is an amazing soundtrack that has a nostalgic and timeless vibe. The result is the ultimate retro experience.

The game will come 2022 for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna and PC.

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