“Buy your mom an iPhone”: Apple CEO’s response to why the brand won’t fix one of its incompatibilities with Android


The presentation of iPhone 14 brought with it the arrival of new high-end devices and many new features. Apple is good at marketing and they exploit it. And they are good at it too Some raise other controversies. To do that you have to go back to last code conference this year.

Collected on Android AuthorityThis time something as simple as answering a question Apple has clarified its position on resolving an incompatibility with Android. There is enough ammunition in the choice of words.

Tim Cook’s answer to what everyone is talking about

iPhone 14 in Blue

Apple has no interest in adopting Google’s RCS protocol

As we said at the beginning, at the last Code conference in 2022, an attendee asked a question to a panel that included two other speakers (Jony Ive and Lauren Powell Jobs) along with Tim Cook. Apparently asking about the attendant Lack of RCS support on iPhoneMore specifically on how to improve text-based communication between iOS and Android users.

For those who don’t know, RCS or Rich Communication Service This is an attempt by Google and other manufacturers to create a successor to SMS. The idea behind this new standard was to provide the same functionality to phone SMS messaging applications as apps like WhatsApp or Telegram.

Going back to Cook’s response, the Apple CEO replied to the questioner that he had not seen users asking those in Cupertino to work on RCS compatibility. The assistant commented that he couldn’t send some videos to his mother, to which Cook replied “Buy your mom an iPhone”.

It didn’t take long to get a response from Google. Android senior vice president Hiroshi Lockheimer responded to Cook’s comments by saying No one should buy their mom a new iPhone so they can send her pictures and videos.. And he did it very publicly on Twitter:

Actually, Google He has been attacking Apple for a while now. With RCS support theme in the background. even They have created an entire website dedicated to the topic. And it is that, for Google, that Apple does not provide support for RCS is a huge problem.

Why is the lack of RCS support a problem?


Conversations in iMessage, where messages with Android users appear in a green bubble

Here we are forced to give some context. In the US, many iPhone users don’t use Telegram or WhatsApp to communicate, but Stick to iMessage exclusively. So when Android users want to group chat with iOS users, there are several iMessage features that stop working (like sending photos and videos).

Additionally, iMessage displays Android users’ messages in green bubbles, while iOS users only display blue bubbles. This is generated In the US that is known as “green bubble hate”. (“I hate green bubbles”), since Google believes its users’ messages are isolated A way to encourage them not to contact you on iOSPrecisely because of those iMessage features that stop working with Android users.

As if that weren’t enough, instead of resorting to operating system agnostic apps like the ones already mentioned (something that’s done with complete normality in Europe), iOS users Refuse to communicate with Android users by other means.

However, Google has been silent on the matter for years There is no way to silence him now. They said Apple should adopt the RCS protocol into iMessage to better fit in with the rest of the world. He has also mentioned the phenomenon of green bubbles on several occasions.

Of course, Apple knows Your US users’ iMessage dependency. It’s a business that makes billions of dollars every year for Apple, and they’re not going to give up without a fight. No matter how much Google and its allies protest RCS, that won’t change for now.

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