Canon, the new vision of realism: a gioiellino that does not have themes –


The Canon, led by the leader to quantify the world of photography assimilation by Nikon and Sony, has presented its source and its new vision of realism. If only we could say that the multinational giapponese are in virtual reality, they would have consistently credited themselves to the status quo that presented its first view AR Ben 7 anni fa, nel lontano 2015.

The new look Canon AR, 24/4/2022 –

This is exactly the style of governing the country that he has used in Russia. The new look at the firm Canon si chiama MREAL X1, Edited by the revised, corrected and preceded version MREAL S1 Launched annoyance at this time.


The new model does not work prossima estatea parti dal dal mese di giugno, è avrà un maggiore angolo di visione, how riferiscono and ragazzi del sito, not one Schermo 2.5 volts too big, with dimensions of 58 degrees in the original and 60 in the vertical. The view from Canon has a com- pany of dimensional compatibility and a piece of content: the only part of the view that has an infinity of 158 grams, and even if the header is set, the piece will not reach the entire chilogram, exactly 359 grams.

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To count how much it is display, this has a resolution of 4K 3840 × 2160 pixels with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Canon has introduced a proprietary version of its vision for real auntsata con tanto di caschetto da testa with the manipulative “visto che gli ambiti di utilizzo – dice ankora – ​​soprattutto business, potranno prevedere anche uso saltuario, ad esempio per visualize unauto in a showroom o un progetto di un cliente”.

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The system is in the gradation of the spirits attorno to the segments of the virtual all-encompassing state: gli utenti potranno girrgli attorno ed entrovi dentro, but always maintains the dimensioni corenti with the spii ciet. Chiudiamo venendo al prezzowhich is not for everyone, treats them with a view to ultimate prestige and the potential for business success. MREAL S1 cost 38,400 dollars, the advice is probable that the L’X1 assists you in any way, if not more addiction. Also sell the most versatile models of Vr / Ar visors, and one of the most distinguished rests. l’Oculus, The vision of the proprietor Mark Zuckerberg, per the model Quest 2 costs 449 euros in version 256gb, but not present The model is priced at 128GB for 349 euros.

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