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The 4th of July is coming soon, and what’s the point of having a smart assistant if you can’t help with the holidays? Amazon’s Alexa is one of the most skilled smart assistants, thanks to all the skills you can learn to entertain, inform or control other family devices.

Did you know that Alexa knows more than 100,000 skills? We have chosen the best to help and entertain you and your guests on this Independence Day. These skills have been tested by our team, updated regularly, and rated high enough to make you believe their descriptions are accurate.

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Alexa can check the date

Echo show at a nightstand showing 5 times.

To begin with a simple skill, Alexa can confirm that today is the fourth of July. With the skill of the 4th of July checker, you can be sure that you are not celebrating too early or too late. As its description says, this skill is for the most “inquisitive mind and insatiable curiosity”. You can ask, “Alexa, is it still July 4th?”

Alexa can tell you the history of the holidays

A hand holding an American flag with a sparkler fireworks

If you want to know more about the history of Independence Day, there is a skill for you, aptly called Fourth of July facts. With a simple request such as, “Give me the fourth of July,” Alexa will give you information about the history of the holiday and the celebration of fireworks. Then, use this knowledge to impress others with your smart.

Alexa may ask you questions about the knowledge of your founding father

Hamilton sings a song on stage.

With the help of Hamilquiz skills, Alexa will test your knowledge of how well you know about American history, especially Alexander Hamilton. Ask for this skill by saying “Alexa, open the Hamilton quiz”.

Alexa can imitate fireworks

4th July Fireworks display.
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In the past, Alexa had a skill (which has since been removed) that would display fireworks on screen. Now, when the fireworks in your area have stopped, the assistant can play the sound of fireworks to give the audio of some of the surrounding celebrations. A common skill called fireworks will play audio saying, “Alexa, start the fireworks.”

Alexa can change your light to red, white and blue

A couple is lying on the bed looking at an Amazon Echo whose light is on

Alexa can change your color Philips Hugh Smart Lite through the skill of the manufacturer. In the Philips Hue app, you can choose themes that can either change your lighting to red, white and blue or mimic the fireworks flashing. In addition, you can combine this skill with previous skills to make it look like fireworks are being shot around your home.

Alexa can play your favorite Fourth of July playlist

Echo show 5 music is playing.

If you want to hear the most patriotic playlist, Amazon has you covered with a playlist titled The Ultimate Independence Day Mix for July 4th. This includes songs such as Amazon Music Playlist Party of the United States And Breakfast in America. You can use Alexa to play music from other supported music apps like Spotify or Pandora.

Alexa can tell you the details about the weather

Echo show 8 on a wooden table.

Alexa can tell you about the weather in your area locally, but use the Big Sky skill if you want to get more details about specific weather events and temperatures. This skill uses the Kal.io API to feed Alexa accurate and real-time weather information. For example, “Alexa, ask Big Sky if it will rain,” is one of the ways to tell the assistant more about your environment.

Alexa can help you cook

Eco Show 5 next to vegetables in the kitchen.

Lots of Fourth of July cookouts are bound to be here, including burgers, hotdogs and more. If you are interested in trying a new food, the best recipe skills will teach you one or two things. Finding a dish to create this skill can use the ingredients you already have on hand or give you something completely random to try. All you have to do is say, “Alexa, tell me the best recipes for hunger” and see the magic of skill.

Alexa could be your mixologist

Echo show 10 in the kitchen.
Amazon Echo Show 10.

With Mr. Bartender’s skill, Alexa can tell you how to make the perfect drink. Then, at the end of the night, after the fireworks and cookouts are over, say, “Alexa, open Mr. Bartender” and give some whips to impress yourself or your guests.

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