Cheap phones like the Google Pixel 6a are nothing more


Now, the cat is out of the bag. The so-called Nothing Phone (1) starts at the price of Google Pixel 6a to retailers like Amazon in Germany.

Not exactly the same price, but the Nothing Phone (1) 469 euros is now 459 euros not much different than the upcoming Google Pixel 6a. Thus, young start-ups, which basically start one-on-one like OnePlus, compete directly with the best mid-range smartphones of the year. It’s at least very brave, but why not. It is now known that Telecom is only an exclusive provider.

However, Telecom is not the sole seller of Nothing Phone (1). Most likely the final German price was revealed through a leak provided by Amazon Germany. There, the new Android phone appeared in different variants and in a bundle with wireless headphones. The transparent case was already listed with the price.

Nothing starts cheaper than expected from cell phone leaks

The middle model with 8 + 256 GB memory costs 500 euros and for 12 + 256 GB memory nothing costs 550 euros. For many, the base with 8 + 128 GB of memory must already be adequately equipped. Basically, the leak will be refuted from the last few months, as the entry is about 50 euros less than expected. The Snapdragon 778 chip has a special design and somewhat better mid-range hardware.

Nothing starts with public perception

Google will launch the Pixel 6a in late July and nothing is expected to sell in a similar period. At least among connoisseurs it can be an interesting fight. Due to agreements with Amazon and Telekom, nothing is immediately visible in public space and may benefit less experienced customers. Newcomers still have a hard time against Google.

I’ll wait and see what does nothing with the camera and how the update policy is designed. Important point for me personally.

Nothing Google, how do you see this thrilling duality?

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