Check out Twitter’s new BitMoji integration to display your digital character as your Twitter profile image



It’s interesting – Twitter is experimenting with a new integration that will enable users Display their bitmoji characters as their Twitter profile imageProvides another way to use your digital avatar as a representation of yourself

Twitter BitMoji Integration

As you can see in this picture, the app researcher posted Alessandro PaluzziTwitter is testing a new Bitmoji integration in the profile image upload stream with an ‘Add Bitmoji’ button to connect your Bitmoji account.

Which, of course, will link your Twitter profile to Snapchat, which owns Bitmoji. Basically, this integration will provide a direct link to your Snapchat profile, where you will create your bitmoji characters, and Twitter, which may be the first time that the two platforms have partnered in such a direct integration.

In the case of competition it is interesting, the two platforms work in a competitive place. But at the same time, Twitter doesn’t have its own local avatar creation tools, yet, and integration with BitMoji probably suggests that it doesn’t want to add anything, instead leaning on Snap’s character creation tools to enable other modes of expression. Your Twitter presence.

Snapchat wants to make its bitmoji characters a bigger part of the app-in-the-middle experience, even launching a range Alternative to branded bitmoji clothing To provide users with more ways to reveal their identities in the app.

Bitmoji fashion example

The expanded view is that users will rely on this digital cartoon as another medium of expression. And as we move into the future of Metavers, where we will all interact through digital puppets, it will probably give users enough choice for their bitmoji characters so that they can be used in these new, immersive spaces as their initial digital avatars.

This is why expanding them on Twitter also makes a lot of sense, to increase that connection and attachment to the image.

We asked Twitter about the test and it provided us with this statement:

We are always looking for new ways for people to express themselves on the platform. We have no further details to share at this time. “

So there’s nothing to do yet, but this is a field that Twitter is searching for – and in a world where Twitter users are increasingly using random images of monkeys, goblins, and other cartoon characters as their profile pictures in the app, a bit of mozi integration seems to make a lot of sense.

This could be another step in the metaverse, and a future where we communicate in completely new ways.

We will keep you updated on any progress.


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