Conversations on WhatsApp: They will never be the same again, the revolution is underway



We are in the midst of a true revolution in conversation on WhatsApp. There is a very simple and accessible method that allows you to communicate like never before

Even today if WhatsApp It is considered the number one messaging platform in the world, mostly because of the constant and careful work that the team of developers do every day. The clear and specific objective of the company is to satisfy every type of need expressed by the users. Many innovations have already been launched during these months of the year and many more will likely be made available By the end of 2022.

WhatsApp 20220914
Still big news coming to WhatsApp. The latter is about a real revolution in the way conversations are created (Adobe Stock).

It focuses on the interface, on the original features, fixing any bugs and errors and more. Especially as it seems to be going on lately A real revolution The way a conversation is meant and the way you text with friends, family and colleagues. And on that note, let’s get ready for another super addition.

WhatsApp, here’s how conversations change

We are not actually talking about a specific innovation that will be implemented soon, but more than anything else A different approach Which is spreading more and more among users all over the world. Given the current times and the many commitments each person faces on a daily basis, the idea is to speed up the conversation as much as possible. And What better way than audio notes?

WhatsApp 20220914
Thanks to the system for speeding up audio notes, the way you understand every single chat has completely changed (Adobe Stock)

Launched a few years ago, now everyone uses it. Be it when needed – like in the car – or for lazy people who don’t want to write, there are those who are literally obsessed! In that sense, it exists A technique in makeup To make it faster. After more than a year, the developers released an update that allowed Speed ​​up the reproduction of vowels.

There are 1x, 1.5x and 2x. Everything can be changed directly in the chat by tapping on the appropriate icon in the audio interface. If you want to chat too Even faster and more intuitive, the suggestion is to start using this additional possibility. The improvements are immediate and real. Show faith!


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