Crystal Caves HD is a light remake of the 1993 shareware classic



First released in 1991, Crystal Caves was a 2D platformer you may be familiar with if, like me, your ’90s PC gaming diet was composed entirely of shareware episodes. I definitely played this back in the day, though I don’t remember it as vividly as I do stuff like Commander Keen, Cosmos Cosmic Adventure, Jill of the Jungle and Monster Bash (all much better than Mario, according to ’90s PC kids). Anyway: Crystal Caves is getting a remake.

Crystal Caves HD doesn’t have a release date, but it does have the trailer above. As you can see, the original game’s EGA palette has been upgraded, but it definitely still looks like a ’90s platformer—maybe more 1995 than 1991, though. It’s the additions that matter: a new fourth episode will be added, and there’s an in-game level editor with Steam Workshop integration. Other new features include new difficulty options, cloud saves, Steam achievements, leaderboards and a new OST. 


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