Digital Glue & Breakthrough Photography develop first pro B4 to RF mount for the RED VRaptor & Komodo – Newsshooter


Adding a B4 lens to a modern cinema camera is not a simple task. B4 lenses are designed for smaller 2/3 chip sensors, and to get the most coverage, some kind of lens is usually needed behind or inside the mount. This solution is not designed for all cameras. It’s specifically for the RED VRaptor & Komodo.

Digital Glue worked with Breakthrough Photography to develop the B4 to RF mount, stating it is the first professional B4 to RF mount for the RED VRaptor and Komodo. It allows B4 lens owners to utilize the Komodo at HD 120fps or UHD60 with a built-in doubler and the Raptor HD 240 and UHD 120 with the frame doubler. Because RED does center crop on the sensor, it will provide the full range of B4 lenses. Center crop mode effectively gives the sensor 2/3 ″ coverage. There are no optics inside the B4 to RF mount.

Now broadcasters can use a RED cinema camera for live and recorded material with their current B4 lenses and allow them to utilize RF and PL lenses over time.

Breakthrough Photography BF to RF adapter 3

It’s important to understand that a modern 2/3 ”B4 lens will work the best. Older B4 lenses that are not designed for a single sensor will not give you the quality you will want.

The Digital Glue & Breakthrough Photography B4 to RF mount will be displayed at the Digital Glue at NAB booth C4442 with a fully kitted RAPTOR.