Digital trends in washing machine trash for Guinness World Records



“All washing machines were damaged in creating this record,” Guinness World Records declares. The most ridiculous record in the world.

You see, it involves throwing a washing machine as far as possible. And that’s it.

For those who like washing machines, or who just want a bit of a decent technology, the video is a bit of a stretch to think about.

But if you are interested in finding out how much one can overcome a contraption that should usually remain silent in your home while sometimes performing the task of cleaning clothes, then enter directly.

The footage is from Italy The Show of Records (“The Show of Records “), Which took place in Milan earlier this year Guinness World Records shared the video this week.

In the competition, Swedish athlete Johan Espenkrona watched against fellow athlete Kelvin de Reuter of the Netherlands.

In the presence of Guinness World Records officials, the pair began throwing air into three washing machines, each weighing 101.4 pounds (46 kilograms).

Their ultimate goal was to break the existing world record for the longest throw of a 13-foot-6.6-inch (4.13-meter) washing machine.

And that’s what AspenCrona achieved, winning the showdown 14 feet 7.2 inches (4.45 meters) and earning A new Guinness World Record. A bit of a stupid one though.

Athletes’ tips suggest that if you ever find yourself flying through the air with a washing machine (Tip: remove all clothing and water first), the best way to do this is to balance it in your head first before taking it. A short run up to turn it forward. Although it is harder than it seems.

Up for another irrational record? Then watch this video featuring some crazy parallel parking stunts.

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