Disney CEO thinks Disney Plus should be more expensive


Since its premiere a few years ago, Disney Plus has found its way into the world of streaming, thanks to its various original series and movies released month after month. And now, the CEO of the company, Bob Chapek, Think people should really pay more for everything.

He commented on this in a recent interview, noting that the quality may be a bit higher than what the competitors have put out, also that they are below all the “quality” content of their services. In view of this, he said that it will not affect the company at all for the price increase, even if the numbers remain the same.

It’s worth mentioning that an ad-supported package will be launched in the US in a few months, so the company is expecting more profit in return for launching ads. This is a practice that will be inspired by the versions you are implementing NetflixBut apparently there is no guaranteed financial success.

For now, it is not guaranteed that such an effect will reach Latin American regions, but it could happen, given the changes. Netflix They are slowly becoming present. The most obvious example of this is not sharing accounts and passwords, which will get you charged if someone connects outside the home.

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