Donald Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ finally works on the web. Yes, it’s terrible



The more I use Truth Social, the more I realize it’s a terrible Twitter clone.

Key points – just try using the latest web version

Recently, The service has finally been launched as more than a mere landing page To register for an account. As you could with more than a decade ago, it is now possible to send your “truth” to the public – 500,000 of them all – From a browser tab.

On the Internet, Now lets you search for “truth” and participate in online lectures without the phone, even if it’s completely basic. Instead of calling tweets “true”, there is nothing particularly fancy or interesting about the platform.

You can also configure alerts, view your profile, and adjust some settings For example, you can change whether GIFs will play automatically in your feed and hide sensitive content. The web interface lets you mute and easily tag other users when they block or post. Although the web version does not seem to offer a way to view live messages.

Overall, it’s clean enough and easy to use, but not innovative at all. I’ve mentioned this before, but Truth Social looks exactly like what a developer would create if they were asked to create an app that only does the basics of Twitter and nothing more.

When it comes to truth social, let me be clear about something: I’m not analyzing it as a political initiative alone. This is certainly part of a broader re-election campaign. I have problems not because of my own political views but because of the sketchy nature of having a dedicated social media platform for only one candidate. If this is a campaign app, then great. If not, why does it exist?

The real problem with using the word “true” is that it’s a clone, and that means there’s no real reason to switch from Twitter to this app.

Now that it works on the web, it makes it a bit easier to test your feed, but with over 500,000 users, it makes me wonder why anyone would bother. With that small group of users, your post is less likely to get caught and reach a wider audience, unless you have a blood relationship with Donald Trump or you are a celebrity.

Out of curiosity, I discovered the only reason to use Truth Social is because you see posts from The Babylon B, a satirical site that was banned from Twitter.

At least Trump himself is posting now, usually using the same offensive flair when he was active on Twitter. Many of his posts are about Hillary Clinton for one reason or another.

Another surprise is that there is no Android version yet. I know from personal experience that launching an app on Android can be a problem. A report Truth Social suggests that Google Play Store has not yet submitted an Android version. Trump Claims that the app has something to do with Google to find it because it was not approved.

What could really attract attention?

I would say to offer some unique features, probably a few that are not available on Twitter.


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