Elden Ring became Game of the Year in Japan


Since its launch a few months ago, Elden Ring It has become one of the most loved games of the year due to its perfect combination of game mechanics. Dark Souls with open world. And now, it is starting to be recognized more precisely, since it has already won its first award for the best video game of the year 2022.

This is done through ceremony Japan Game AwardsAn award ceremony that takes place in Tokyo Game Show 2022, something that fans will no doubt see as something positive. For his part, his own from the software He revealed the news on his social networks, thanking fans for their support, as well as those new to the story.

The first prize has already been registered Game of the Year Awards Tracker. The site notes all GOTY awards given, keeps a number, and ranks titles based on how many times they’ve been tagged as GOTY. It Takes Two won the most awards in 2021 and The Last of Us Part 2 in 2020 achieved the unimaginable.

“Elden Ring” won the Game of the Year category at the Japan Game Awards. Thank you very much for playing.

Note that important awards such as Game Awards In December, so it will be interesting to see the competition against this job Ragnarok, god of war, the horizon forbids the west, Among others.

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