Elon Musk mentioned that Apple has threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store



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since coming Elon Musk as its owner Twitter, the platform has become a complete mess, with people moving to other pages and those who disagree with the verified account paying. And now a new controversy has arisen, in view of that musk Mention that apple Threatening to remove the app from App shop.

The news is followed by a tweet musk said apple Most stopped advertising on the platform and asked for a survey apple You should disclose all censorship actions you have taken that affect your customers. The company has not provided any kind of response, but it seems that the application may be withdrawn.

musk App Store fees for in-app purchases have been criticized as a hidden 30% internet tax. And the head of the app store Apple, Phil Schiller, Removed his account from the page after acquisition muskMoved a little earlier Donald Trump He will return after the permanent ban.

Apple has also threatened to remove Twitter from its App Store, but won’t tell us why.

The phrase “hold the application” can mean something temporary related to application updates Twitter, so users should not worry about losing it on their device. Still, it wouldn’t be such a surprise, as many have turned against musk.

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Editor’s note: Since Twitter has been taken over by Musk, everything is in chaos, so it’s likely that the Apple app will be removed soon. However, it is too early to draw conclusions.


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